Additional charges

Additional charges

Why do I have to pay?

The NHS provides most health services to people fee of charge at point of need (although there are some exceptions such a prescription charges). For services that are not covered by the NHS there is a private fee charged to cover the responsibility taken and the time spent by doctors and administrative staff. We aim to keep the charges for professional services at an appropriate level.

What is and what isn't covered

The Goverment contact with GPs does include some specialist forms (eg from the DWP) and some organisations pay GPs directly to complete reports (eg DVLA and certain insurance company reports). These are usually sent directly to the GP, so if you have been given a form to bring into its likely that you will need to pay a fee. At this Practice, the GPs have decided they will not support passport requests. If you are unsure of anything please ask.

Why can't I get it done here and now?

We want to spend our time providing and excellent quality healthcare to our patients. Completing the increasing number of reports that are requested takes time away from patient care. We acknowledge that these reports are important to you and need to be completed but clinical care has to be our priority. We will aim to complete short reports and letters within 5 working days, more complex reports may taken up to 4 weeks.

But all I need is a doctor to sign it or it is only a three sentence letter!

When a doctor signs a certificate, letter or report, it is a condition of the Medical Register that they only sign what they know to be true. In order to complete even the simplest form or write the amount of mecidal records, then the letter has to be dictated, the secretary has to type it, all of which takes up valuable time.

I just need a signature to say that i'm healthy to do it?

More and more requests have been received asking for a signature to say that someone is healthy to pursue a particular activity. The GP may not be able to sign such a form, or may write an explanation of the limitations of what they can say on the form. We cannot be responsible for whether or not the company accepts what the doctor is willing wo write and on some occasions the doctor will simply decline to complete or write such a letter.

The Process

Once you have requested a letter or form to be completed by the GP, the reception staff will note the time and date of receing the document on a form, this will then be given to the secretary to check which doctor is requried to complete the document and will annotate the form accordingly. Once the GP has seen the form they will also annotate the form sometime with a request for the patient to be seen and how long the appointment should be. If it is a letter they will complete it and return it to the secretary who will invoice the appropriate fee to the patient. Reception will then inform the patient that the document is completed and the charge levied, once the patient had paid the charge, the document will be scanned onto their records and returned to them with a receipt.

If you are not happy with the service we provide our Practice Manager will be happy to speak to you.




Medical Examinations

Vocational and Non vocational examinations includes: £100.00 + £20.00 = £120.00

Pre-employment, HGV, LGC, PVC 70+, Driving

Licence, Sports Medical, Racing Driver Medical.

Taxi/Private Hire Medical £100.00 + £20.00 = £120.00

Power of Attorney £100.00 +£20.00 = £120.00

Court of Protection £100,00 + £20,00 = £120.00

Short medical exam £50.00 + £10.00 = £60.00


OFSTED (child minding) £74.00 + £14.80 = £88.80

Claim Form (i.e.BUPA, PPP etc) £30.00 + £6.00 = £36.00

Holiday Cancellation Forms £30.00 + £6.00 = £36.00

Vocational and Non Vocational reports £60.00 + £12.00 = £72.00
(without medical)

Private Patient Consultation £35.00 + £6.00 = £36.00


Private sick note £15.00 + £3.00 = £17.00

Freedom from infection £30.00 + £6.00 = £36.00

Shotgun/Forearms £30.00 + £6.00 = £36.00

Letter for Patient (including TWIMC Letter, housing

School, exams, fitness to fly, flying re seat/medication) £25.00 + £5.00= £30.00

Access to your Medical Records

Complete copy of patients Records £50.00

Private prescription for anti-malarial £10.00 + £2.00 = £12.00


DNA testing one patient £34.80 + £6.86 = £41.76

DNA testing two patients £43.50 + £8.70 = £52.22

DNA testing three patients £52.20 + £10.44 = £62.64

Driving Licence, ID card validation £10.00 + £2.00 = £12.00